The Virus

The government tells you to get the shot, one hit, one jab the feeling is hot, it's not for me thought I don't want the flu, it's not from me this virus came, it's you.


The Singing Angel

I heard about you before I arrived, walking through the hospital wards to find my girl, I tried to stay away, a plan to avoid would be contrived, but like all my plans this too fell. It was a short introduction, it really was, for I was there for my girl I wanted not to... Continue Reading →

Higher Power or Just High

Is it a coincidence, a fluke of nature, a planned motive by those behind curtains, or is this higher being trying to tell me something, send a message, talk mano a mano ,it's a wavering faith kind of moment, when things start to strain, pressure builds and all we knew becomes uncertain, should I listen... Continue Reading →

The Petty Thief

The wallet was opened,cash gone, cards splayed,coins were still on hand,inside my jumper pockets it should have stayed. There is a certain level of trust,when you leave your personal gear at work, lockers are a short supply, more is a must,but for a company to dish out coin, that'd be a first,It wasn't like there... Continue Reading →

The Door

Have you ever heard the saying "When one door closes another opens"? Do you believe it? Does it strike true? Have you ever truly looked upon this door? Sure you can say to me "C'mon mate the door is not literal, it's a metaphor." But how can you be sure that it is. How do... Continue Reading →

A Wretched Soul

Dark, like that of the deepest hole, no light, no end in sight, so cold,death does not dare to walk here, the dangers that lurk near. Cold, colder than the deepest freezer,No warmth, no comfort from this bumfreezer,the flue won't come to me, there is no virus, can't you see. Alone, like a stone in... Continue Reading →

A Collaborative Journey

I have started a joint writing account, to this very day we haven't written a solid amount,I sit and wait, for an email to come,one that says my work here is done. It's alright there is no rush, I don't have the itch, scratch or thrush,But let me tell you what we do, so then... Continue Reading →

Song Flurry

This battered room I've seen before The broken bones they heal no more, no more. To read a mind you've got to redefine the line to make your circle sing, I'll describe the way I feel Weeping wounds that never heal Can the savior be for real Or are you just my seventh seal?

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