Winter Demons

O I ask of thee to come and take me home, the burning depth of the unknown, O I ask of you to drag me away, taketh me with you so I can stay,


The Impending Storm

The reddish glow pushed through the darkened clouds. The warnings echoing through the radio station, "Dust storm due to hit Sydney today, some towns lack visibility beyond a metre in front."

Bullying Your Opinion Till “They” Hurt

People kill me, they take my heart, shred it and stomp on it. Recklessly they pull down other humans, flaws and all destroyed. For what exactly? A sense of power? To make them feel better? The worst thing though, is they don't see what they are doing. Lead by ignorance and arrogance they strut their way through the crowds, blissfully unaware of the damage they have done.

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