The Day that Was

Sleep was welcoming, as we both settled down as the day was starting to break. The feeling of restful peace was short-lived, the children were up even after settling them a little while after my wife had gotten home.


Gloomy Days

You could see she was lonely,
no one wanted to spend time with her,
it wasn't that she was nasty, at times,
but her breath could chill the warmest of hearts.

Ben’s Revenge

She couldn't understand,
he left and never returned her calls,
it wasn't like she was having one night stands,
or taking off with other men, it wasn't her at all.

A Nice Night – Poem

Drenched from head to toes,
he pulled free from the running water,
the taps he turned ever so,
feeling the drips on his arms as if they were lambs to the slaughter.

3.2.1 Quote Me

So yesterday I was nominated by the one and only A Guy Called Bloke. After seeing my playlist he thought lets involve this legend of an Australian to get involved in this world of quotes.

Bullying Your Opinion Till “They” Hurt

People kill me, they take my heart, shred it and stomp on it. Recklessly they pull down other humans, flaws and all destroyed. For what exactly? A sense of power? To make them feel better? The worst thing though, is they don't see what they are doing. Lead by ignorance and arrogance they strut their way through the crowds, blissfully unaware of the damage they have done.

Lest We Forget

I wonder, on this day. I wonder how all those that fought in wars and peacekeeping assignments. I wonder how they would feel knowing that the freedom they fought for. Whether by choice or forced into service, I wonder if they would feel proud of the way we use our so called freedom.

Marriage Milestones

I never wanted marriage, I didn't think it was worth it. I have seen families destroyed, the hatred that engulfs someone when the relationship is over, and if there is a kid involved most of the time they were used as a weapon against the other parent.

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