The Person Who No Longer Is

John Mayer hit a chord within me a few years back. The release of Heartbreak Warfare immediately skyrocketed the song to the top of my favourites by him, and to be honest, that is not an easy thing to do when the song is more pop than the bluesy ballads that he normally brings to the stage.


Tattoed Heart

My heart has been tattoed,
Not like that of the ones on my skin,
The words, written are not to be viewed,
They show my demise like the French would say, fin.

Keyboard Warriors

We all know of them, those that hide behind a screen tapping out words that are designed to hurt, spread lies or corrupt the minds of the innocent.

Bullying Your Opinion Till “They” Hurt

People kill me, they take my heart, shred it and stomp on it. Recklessly they pull down other humans, flaws and all destroyed. For what exactly? A sense of power? To make them feel better? The worst thing though, is they don't see what they are doing. Lead by ignorance and arrogance they strut their way through the crowds, blissfully unaware of the damage they have done.

A Cold Cut To The Heart

This isn't the post I wanted to write, it is a post I didn't ever want to write. By the time I finish writing this it will be mothers day here in Australia, a day that to celebrate all mothers for their brilliance and dedication to striving to give their best to their children. But although I wanted to write a post sharing how great this day will be, I wanted to write to show the effort I put in for the kids to give their mother such a great day.

Encumbered By Loss

It is May, a month like any other, but for me it doesn't bring joy anymore. It is a constant reminder of a loss that I will never forget. It brings times of remembering, those times that were once filled with laughter. Now only sadness and the occasional nightmare.

I’m Not Who I Was

One of my favourite songs to listen to is Brandon Heaths 'I'm not who I was', it in many ways reminds me of the changes I have been through in my life, what I have overcome and what has shaped the way I am today.

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