Duncan Heights – Chapter Three

Good evening/morning everyone, hope your day has been good or will be. The past two weeks I have put online my new series Duncan Heights, it is the first time I had shared my writing, besides my quick short story I did earlier on this year (it was rushed and done in one go) you can find it in the short story section of my blog. That also reminds me I need to update my blog. I would like to thank all who have read the first two chapters I appreciate it. My goal in this novella (21 chapters) is to better my writing skills, to learn through your engagement and to hopefully, inspire others to write as well.


Duncan Heights

Good evening folks, last week I posted chapter one of my novella series of Duncan Heights. I am no Stephen King, Eric Lustbader or Robert Ludlum, so my grammar and flow may not be the best. That is where you guys come in!!! I want your feedback, your comments, your likes so it can boost my confidence in writing.

Work Life

Am I destined to see time fly by? while I waste away behind tall walls, or am I just another pawn in your life? while I do your bidding behind closed doors.

Escaping Neverland

We all know the story of Peter Pan don't we? The boy who ran away from home to never grow up and live in this fantastic place where he can fly and have fairies by his side as well as the rest of the Lost boys.

The Bank Heist

Mick just a small time criminal had a few arrests and a short stint in jail added to his record wanted more, needed to be feared by the public.

Love At First Wipe

This is not how I am supposed to die! Death by embarrassment, people surrounding my body crying out for God to bring me back while the toilet paper rolls escape captivity and start rolling down the street.

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