Taking Over

I reached out to fast, racing towards an internal light,


Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year

It was the night before Christmas..... Wait wait wait, no one cares for that old fable now do they? Let us tell a new story to celebrate the evening before.

The Impending Storm

The reddish glow pushed through the darkened clouds. The warnings echoing through the radio station, "Dust storm due to hit Sydney today, some towns lack visibility beyond a metre in front."


There is death inside of me,
a cruel stench that overwhelms,
there is no escape from the darkness I see,
no way to guide this ship by its helm.

Gloomy Days

You could see she was lonely,
no one wanted to spend time with her,
it wasn't that she was nasty, at times,
but her breath could chill the warmest of hearts.

Tattoed Heart

My heart has been tattoed,
Not like that of the ones on my skin,
The words, written are not to be viewed,
They show my demise like the French would say, fin.

Bad Desire – Poetry

Hey guys, hope you have all been well and creating good content. Work has gotten me falling asleep a lot. I have been getting home and passing out on the couch, working six days have been fun!!!

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