Sunshine Blogger Award

There I was, in the midst of drama at work, never-ceasing pain and an urge to create a masterpiece bigger than anything Leonardo Da Vinci could ever pull off. Alright, I may be slightly exaggerating here but hey, who doesn't.


The Impending Storm

The reddish glow pushed through the darkened clouds. The warnings echoing through the radio station, "Dust storm due to hit Sydney today, some towns lack visibility beyond a metre in front."

Acquaintance Murderer

The laughter ripped through the silence of the morning, another day was beginning for myself, but had already begun for the men in front of me. I joined in with the friendly banter, more cheer filled the crisp morning air.

Rest In Peace

Today we said goodbye,
tears were shed by many, but mine held firm,
a desperate search inside to voice my cry,
my heart was breaking, my look stern.

I am still here

These past few months I have been going through some transformations. Mentally, physically and emotionally. In turn, it has taken its toll on my writing, my freedom and other parts of my life.

Random Questions – 100th Post

So WordPress has it that I have published 99 posts so this would make the 100th. Yay for me right? So there I was perusing some of the blogs that flooded my reading screen and I came upon this post by Claudia Blood. She suggested maybe I try answering them, so I will. Enjoy these absolutely random questions and answers and if you want to do them yourself please go ahead.

The Bully

My life has been thrown a curveball. As I have written before, my job is a killer of souls. I have brought this individual before, a headache-inducing child at a tender age of now seventeen. During my lunch break, I try to avoid human contact, especially that of my team members. I get into my book and settle in for a comfortable me time, it never seems to happen though. Out of the thirty minutes sometimes forty-five I will be alone a maximum of ten minutes before someone jumps onto the bench table that I have stolen as mine.

Bloggers Recognition Award

So I wake up today, head splitting from a headache (secretly I think it is a slight hangover.) I believe that the red wine in the beef pie, the red wine in the Sangria, the white wine in the chicken pie and lastly whatever damn alcohol the Tiramisu had in it (friends brought over dessert.) So technically I think I am dead if that is the case this blog is being brought to you by a zombie. One that is also listening to 'The Armchair Expert' podcast. My phone started buzzing when I turned the wi-fi on, like usual games miss you, someone's birthday gets plastered over your home screen through Facebook notifications and you get made to feel like shit if you don't want to say happy birthday to them!! Plus you have to remember if they did so for your own!!! It is a vicious world out there.

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