The New Years That Was…

It was the start of the new year, instead of staying up late celebrating the midnight fireworks, I was laid back on the couch watching a tutorial on acrylic painting. The time dragged on; slowly as if a time master wanted to enjoy the moment. If I had a grandfather clock the ticking would have sent me insane.


The Playlist – Road trip Edition

G'day fellow bloggers, how has your Friday been? Mine you ask? Today was the first day back at work and it was drama inflicted straight away. Enough about me for this second, I know you only came here to see if a song you like has made the list this week. Since I had that road trip I had a few songs (Six hours one way worth of songs and back without coming close to the end) so I figured lets put some songs up that I jammed along to in my car on the trip.

All Steamed Out

Each year there is a Steam festival in the quaint town of Thirlmere, south-west of Sydney. It is a beautiful day out filled with food, arts and craft stores and of course the Steam trains as well as music and a local street parade to tug on your emotional heart strings of how amazing this little community is and how they put this event on every year to attract the crowd ranging in the thousands is just awe inspiring.

The Camping Experience

First rule of camping, check your gear before you leave. Earlier I had pulled out the tent did the general check gave it the all clear and packed it up. Great work!!!

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