Higher Power or Just High

Is it a coincidence, a fluke of nature, a planned motive by those behind curtains, or is this higher being trying to tell me something, send a message, talk mano a mano ,it's a wavering faith kind of moment, when things start to strain, pressure builds and all we knew becomes uncertain, should I listen... Continue Reading →


The Petty Thief

The wallet was opened,cash gone, cards splayed,coins were still on hand,inside my jumper pockets it should have stayed. There is a certain level of trust,when you leave your personal gear at work, lockers are a short supply, more is a must,but for a company to dish out coin, that'd be a first,It wasn't like there... Continue Reading →

The Door

Have you ever heard the saying "When one door closes another opens"? Do you believe it? Does it strike true? Have you ever truly looked upon this door? Sure you can say to me "C'mon mate the door is not literal, it's a metaphor." But how can you be sure that it is. How do... Continue Reading →

The Lost Memories

Memories seem to come, sometimes unwillingly, but, many seem to go just the same. Over the years fragments of forgotten moments have filtered through in front of my eyes. Moments that make me smile, brief seconds of emotions that flush my system, like that of a wave wiping clean the remains of a child's sandcastle.

Accrescent of the Creative Mind

I have a memory, one that I tried so hard to forget. One that has had myself embarrassed to even be associated with, that is until now. The evidence of this memory was not able to be erased, it doesn't just exist in my mind but from the angle of my father's view from behind the old film camera he was holding at the time.

Acquaintance Murderer

The laughter ripped through the silence of the morning, another day was beginning for myself, but had already begun for the men in front of me. I joined in with the friendly banter, more cheer filled the crisp morning air.

I am still here

These past few months I have been going through some transformations. Mentally, physically and emotionally. In turn, it has taken its toll on my writing, my freedom and other parts of my life.

Random Questions – 100th Post

So WordPress has it that I have published 99 posts so this would make the 100th. Yay for me right? So there I was perusing some of the blogs that flooded my reading screen and I came upon this post by Claudia Blood. She suggested maybe I try answering them, so I will. Enjoy these absolutely random questions and answers and if you want to do them yourself please go ahead.

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