The Pain of Parenting

It all starts so rosy,a peachy coloured blossom,The birth of a child now cuddled up; cosy,staring at their cute little noses, hands, feet and bum. The quiet days start to fade away,those peaceful moments gone too soon,the joyful laughter and loud play,a 6am wake up call thumping into the room. I admit I love my... Continue Reading →


The Lost Argument

I have been battling an eternal fire, one that seems to be driving a rage of hatred.

The Person Who No Longer Is

John Mayer hit a chord within me a few years back. The release of Heartbreak Warfare immediately skyrocketed the song to the top of my favourites by him, and to be honest, that is not an easy thing to do when the song is more pop than the bluesy ballads that he normally brings to the stage.

The Day that Was

Sleep was welcoming, as we both settled down as the day was starting to break. The feeling of restful peace was short-lived, the children were up even after settling them a little while after my wife had gotten home.

The New Years That Was…

It was the start of the new year, instead of staying up late celebrating the midnight fireworks, I was laid back on the couch watching a tutorial on acrylic painting. The time dragged on; slowly as if a time master wanted to enjoy the moment. If I had a grandfather clock the ticking would have sent me insane.

Sunshine Blogger Award

There I was, in the midst of drama at work, never-ceasing pain and an urge to create a masterpiece bigger than anything Leonardo Da Vinci could ever pull off. Alright, I may be slightly exaggerating here but hey, who doesn't.

The Lost Memories

Memories seem to come, sometimes unwillingly, but, many seem to go just the same. Over the years fragments of forgotten moments have filtered through in front of my eyes. Moments that make me smile, brief seconds of emotions that flush my system, like that of a wave wiping clean the remains of a child's sandcastle.

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