Our Sunburnt Country

Our land is being ravaged by a mass of fires, started by teenagers and others with no regard for the safety or property of others around them. It is a devasting scene, with smoke travelling long distances to those in safer areas. People have been killed, injured and are suffering from poor oxygen. But worse than that, the local fauna are struggling, the fires have destroyed many of their homes not just ours. Koalas are being seen holding on to local street signs instead of their usual gum trees. Kangaroos are racing through the state forests to avoid a certain death, meanwhile the death and injuries of these animals and those others not so lucky to escape keep piling up.

Meanwhile Australia has been getting what it is famous for, sun and heat. The sunburnt country has been reaching high temperatures and winds that have been aiding the fires, fires that had reached to over 70 different areas, amounting to some amazing but heartbreaking photographs being shared all over the news outlets and social media. Spreading the awareness of how disasterous this actually is in our country. They have said it is as bad as the Black Saturday fires in the state of Victoria, which in the terms of death is still one of a Australia’s worst tradgedies.

When it comes to a tradgedy, you will always find those that reach out. Offering everything and anything they can, even if it means cutting themselves short for that week or month. It is the Australian way, help out a mate, and a mate is the one in the troubling times. Shops, cafe’s, businesses have all been offering free services to those firefighters who have been manning the front lines, risking their own lives and spending days and weeks away from the comft of their own homes and families. All to save as many home, lives as possible. Unfortunately though, in times of need there are those who take advantage of others and their plights. Recently in my area there was a man dressed as a firefighter who was pulling people over and getting information, he was riding a motorbike. It was a scam, and should have been picked up straight away by anyone driving at the time, a fire fighter does not pull you over in a main area that is not under direct evacuation, and they drive a big red truck with flashing lights not a motorbike.

That isn’t the worst of it, homes have been raided. Those in direct line of the fires that have been told to evacuate, have had low life scum breaking and entering, a cockroach in society. Here are people making a quick profit in their own pockets while home owners, if they are lucky, comes home to a place that has been ransacked. It is hard to imagine why anyone would do this, sure theives are opportunists but this is lower than low. It would be good for those if caught to receive a hefty punishment, for their crimes not just a slap on the wrist. We know this won’t happen, our resources are being stretched thin finding the culprits that have started this national disaster. Among them fifteen year old girls.

Out of a tradgedy we always find those who seek their fifteen minutes of fame. Poems, if they can be called that. Badly written, with no direction, no lead and a bunch of words direct from a dictionary. Sure some can write but still claiming a share status on a tradgedy is not what you want to be known for is it? Maybe it is, maybe that is the kickstart needed for their page to go from three friends to ten thousand in days. But where does it lead from there? will they do moronic acts to each other like the rest of the sheep online now? Anything goes when it come to keeping the fame from the glorious status after a mediocre poem, or those who create go fund me pages or charity pages, scamming those into handing in their money.

Even with all the cockroaches or leaches that come out of such times, the kindness and goodwill of all those who have and who have little is amazing to see and witness. As much as humankind can bring people to hating humanity there are those that can restore your faith, and the best thing, in this time it doesn’t matter what their beliefs, religion and faith are nor if they eat meat or they don’t we are one to save those who are struggling. With Christmas around the corner and many kids now living without homes, toys etc a bit of joy sent their way will make them feel validated and loved not just by their parents but by the rest of the country. There is a pizzaria about an hour away from me, each year they do a swap deal, usually for those in the hospitals doing it tough. This year they are donating to the kids that have lost out of a normal Christmas. Their deal you may ask? It is simple a small gift/toy of $5 in exchange for a pizza. It is a beautiful gesture, and one that everyone can get behind, for us we will be donating to them this year, we will be there hoping to give some children so Christmas cheer this year.

Our land is truly beautiful and as I have seen in my own life, through hard times more beauty if allowed will come through. When that happens, once more our blessed sunburnt country will continue to grow and still be the famed land that everyone wishes to visit.

Till next time keep smiling

The Stubborn Australian

P.S The photos used here have been spread multiples times throughout social media and no credits have been given to those have taken them. I would like to express my gratitude for their pictures as their moments in time show how painful these fires are to our nation.

P.P.S I have just come across another news post of a fire started nearby, the culprits have been caught and the fire is out. The age, two fifteen year-old boys and a sixteen year-old boy.

6 thoughts on “Our Sunburnt Country

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  1. I have my own photos and those of my son’s who is a volunteer fire fighter. When I down loaded them from my camera and son’s phone, I decided I wouldn’t share as some would break my heart all over again. Maybe one day I will post them. But for now, I think of all the tragic loses and pray for those affected.

    I will post soon though about the tragic loss of koalas – some whole habitats, and how readers can donate to the Koala Hospital and/or adopt a koala as your year long support to care for the injured.

    Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Thank you for reading. It is absolutely heart breaking. Seeing a defenceless creature suffering is amongst the hardest things to deal with. Thank you to your son for voluntarily putting his life on the line to help others.

      I look forward to your post when you share it. ☺

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  2. We have been watching the reports – the images and the interviews by people who affected – so heart-breaking.

    I had my first trip to Australia this past summer (winter for you guys) and was saw kangaroos and koalas and other indigenous wildlife up close. It’s really distressing to think of the damage to such beautiful and unique creatures and their habitat. And I am so anxious for those who have lost homes and loved ones.

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