The Petty Thief

The wallet was opened,
cash gone, cards splayed,
coins were still on hand,
inside my jumper pockets it should have stayed.

There is a certain level of trust,
when you leave your personal gear at work,
lockers are a short supply, more is a must,
but for a company to dish out coin, that’d be a first,

It wasn’t like there was a lot in there,
just enough for the daily grind,
but to help yourself to mine is not really fair,
save your own money and yours you will find,

There was a certain need for what I had,
a little girls tooth fairy cash flow,
to have to dip into a reserve is sad,
why should I have to suffer cause you would scoop so low.

What really did you want it for?
because you didn’t spend five minutes making lunch?
did you feel that you needed that money more?
that I must be rich is that your hunch?

You should consider yourself lucky mate,
I am positive I know who you are,
my wife is the one holding me back from delivering your fate,
consider this your one wish upon that shooting star.


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