Winter Demons

Drying out in this winter wind is impossible,
it’s not a great advantage, not even optimal,
Drying out my soul in this winter wind is dismal,
the cold weather keeps Satan away I heard it’s official,
I beg and scream, I make marks on other human beings,
I hit and kick to get him to come, but he sees the trick.

You see this winter weather is drowning my soul,
It is causing a high level of toxicity just like Sulfathiazole,
I can’t really be blamed for this you know,
it isn’t like the love being offered is in overflow,
it isn’t a hard task, I tell you what I need is that too much to ask?
the devil isn’t here is he? Probably holidaying near the sea.

O I ask of thee to come and take me home,
the burning depth of the unknown,
O I ask of you to drag me away,
taketh me with you so I can stay,
where the air is hot, and the winter is not,
where the lies continue, where the fire can be seen through the window.

I mean its not the winter chill that has my bones in pain,
the endless eternal battle of my mind to stay sane,
The judgement both from above and within,
you wonder why it is so easy to sin,
you wont come, I’m too good for fun,
you can’t you are not allowed, those words echoed aloud.


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