The Lost Argument

I have been battling an eternal fire, one that seems to be driving a rage of hatred. I closed a heavy door within myself and not long after a cold draught took over my heart. It is interesting that I can feel both heat and cold at the same time, an icy stare towards those who get in my way and the burning passion to destroy those who disagree with my views. That is what I have come to….. A man with the only view that is right, yours is wrong don’t try and convince me of it. Well that is what I felt was happening to me before I threw away my key to that door.

In today’s society, the sheep seem to be the leaders over the shepherds. Actors, musicians and social media influencers all have something to say and now have the platform to spread their own views on life. The hordes of followers tend to jump on board as soon as their favourite personality hits out their tune, whether it would be on the LGBTQIA movement, the abortion stance, equality, world hunger, climate change, politics or the biggest stand Religion. Everyone is allowed to have a view, a belief, a, hope. Well everyone that is on the side of that personality that is.

I scroll through pages on social media, watching. Most of the time I laugh at the endless fights that occur between one side, verses the other. But many times I struggle with the anger that builds up, is it just me? Sure there are people starting arguments online but that doesn’t mean they know what the fuck they are talking about.

I don’t believe in climate change. It is simple I think a lot of the so called facts are fabricated by the mainstream media and government hypes. Now I won’t go into a debate with someone on social media to try to prove my belief. Why? Because I haven’t witnessed the actual changes, first hand. I don’t have the record keeping of changes due to the changes in the weather patterns. I am ill informed. So my belief is my opinion based on my ability to freely choose what I want to believe in. So in that I won’t attack someone who has an educational standpoint on the subject, but this is what I see over and over again. Not just on climate change, but on gender issues, Creationism vs Evolution and so forth.

I was reading an article the other day, it was about Australian football player Israel Folau. If you are unaware of what has happened over the past few months it started with Israel posting a verse from the Bible, one that states that drunks, fornicators, homosexuals, adulterers, thieves, lies, etc. that hell is awaiting them and to repent as Jesus saves. It is a bold statement to make on social media in my younger years I posted stuff similar to that and was nailed to the cross for it. What is annoying though, is this sportsman has lost his contract, his ability to play because of a backlash.

A backlash, not by thieves or adulterers nor by the drunks out there but by the one group. The one group that feel they need to be offended by everything said. That group the lgbtqia, and then the onslaught of sheep that followed afterwards. It isn’t the first time this group rallied against a religion, in fact the whole mardi gras started as a stance against it. I don’t have a problem with people loving who they want, my issue against the whole community is that freedom of speech is only allowed when they are talking.

This article I read, was written by a journalist, who in the article shared his love for the same sex. Thanks man, like I give two shits who or even what floats your boat. What angered me with this article was his verbal attack on the sports star and how he didn’t need him to add anymore insult to his hardened life. Now I can’t say yes he has had it hard or not, but he went further to say he and others have felt pain from generations of those who were mistreated for their choice of lover.

Sorry??? You feel pain from generations before you? Cut the bullshit! What about those your community has completely isolated themselves? I can tell you from my own personal journey I have been treated worse than those I grew up with that were openly gay, heck they had more friends and support than I had. So cut your fucked up bullshit that your sexual orientation in the past 30yrs have been hard.

To walk the line these days as a Christian is like walking on glass. You choose a government for their ideas, what they can do to better infrastructure, education etc. We just had an election, on one side it was to rid Christian values and rights in exchange for more rights for the gay community. On the other side it was to remain a Christian country. The lead up was showing a win for the left, thankfully they lost. That too was shown to bring a backlash from those who wanted to demolish the foundations of what we believed in. Some even compared our new Prime Minister to be that of President Trump.

I sit and watch, another debate ensues. God is real vs God is dead. I struggle watching these fights, these pathetic arguments. I am not a praise the Lord, Amen, God Bless kind of Christian, to me those people are weak, they are not showing the true way of Christianity in my view. At the same time those who say people who believe are idiots that like the make believe. Hello half you clowns love Unicorns and the Marvels and DC Movies, and by love I mean Idolize them! What sucks about these debates is neither side have read the Bible, they say they have. It’s like the Quran how many have actually sat there and read it? Before making judgement/opinions.

Maybe we need to end social media, maybe we need to stop sports stars and celebrities from expressing their views. Maybe we need to implement laws that allow freedom of speech to be used without someone with a different view getting their knickers tied up that the person loses their job. It will never happen, it is a pipe dream. Someone is always going to go out to attack someone else, the funny part though? People say the Bible is a man-made book, it’s just rubbish. Interesting that this man-made book has seen more prophecy fulfilled than any others, but also since it was written by man and should be dismissed, what do we do with all the other learning guides out there, Mathematics, Science, literacy even the views against there being a creator. Should we just dismiss that too? Are we not just being educated on what another human has said to be true?

Till next time, Keep smiling

The Stubborn Australian


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  1. BRAVO. Looking for the clap and the thmbs up emoji but can’t find them. WOW. WHAT a post. I wish Iwas where you are as I’d be thumping you on the back in agreement. I just LOVE this post. Wish I’d said all that! This is a BRILLIANT post. Agree all the way.

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  2. An interesting post indeed Stubby, plenty of depth. Some very valid points.

    With social media, what you have to take into account is now everyone is allowed to make comments under freedom of speech. Whether their comments are valid or not. That is both the beauty and the devilry of ‘freedom of speech’. Everyone has an opinion of something – and my philosophy is quite simple – l don’t care what your opinion is as long as it is not hurting someone else. i am not a judge, a jury or an executioner. I am not a god, a deity and l am not for this purpose a celebrity.

    I like the fact that you have voiced your opinions, and you seem to stand behind them with both committment and conviction as well as inspiration, motivation and enthusiasm. There we go, it’s your choice to voice your opinion on how you see things, welcome back to the freedom of speech, the freedom of thought and basically – freedom.

    I don’t agree with a lot that l see in media, social media, and the news for that matter – l believe in what l choose to believe in, and as l am not on some giant debate board, and therefore being challenged to support what l believe in equally as much as what l don’t believe in, then l am happy with that.

    A thought provoking post my friend.

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