Taking Over

I reached out to fast,
racing towards an internal light,
I pushed too soon it would never last,
another star now fading, once shone bright.

I tried to take it all on,
every challenge, every creative piece,
but all it lead to was my energy gone,
all it has caused is a damned version of peace.

Couldn’t you see the effect it had?
The death and destruction heading towards my soul,
Where all the creative thoughts left leaving me sad,
creating a gushing waterfall of emotions draining into an eternal hole.

Couldn’t you see I was still here trying?
A lost soul trying to grab some words to write like that of a branch holding on to the last leaf in Autumn,
like a lost child, arms around the knees; crying,
did you see me, while you were out there having fun?

Have you noticed how much I have fought?
To make my own way back here,
to stand stand tall, even though it feels like my soul was bought,
this life’s wheel I need to steer.

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