The Day that Was

Sleep was welcoming, as we both settled down as the day was starting to break. The feeling of restful peace was short-lived, the children were up even after settling them a little while after my wife had gotten home. I got the children ready, dressed, breakfast routine and keeping them as quiet as possible to allow their mother to sleep. I decided to video call my mother over Skype and when that didn’t follow through I saw she was online on Facebook and managed to get through. There she sat with my great-aunt who at eighty-nine was asleep on the couch next to her. A quick call just so the grandkids could say hi.

My daughters last cuddle

April last year my great aunt went through a strong change in health. Her body was starting to really slow down, and with the change, the onset of dementia started to seep in. Anyone who has had to deal with those who have met the fate of this disease would understand the pain of not being recognised, mistaken for a long lost relative or just forgotten. When I was younger I worked in nursing, dealing on a daily basis with those living within this realm. The fun times, some joyous, some absolutely brutal, even for those who were not related, but worked on their safety and health.

My sons last cuddle

I wrote last year that I had lost my grandmother (mum’s side) seventeen years ago, this month it is eighteen. I don’t remember my fathers’ mother, my great-aunt (on my mum’s side) played a big role in my life, as the oldest sibling in her family and the only on to live for many years now, she to me was my other grandmother. A woman who watched me grow, who saw me, graduate, get married and have children. She is always the one we had to visit when we visited home and her house, was always an open door.

My Great Aunt and Great Uncle

Back in 2015, she lost her husband, her partner. Which broke her. Even with all her grandchildren, great-grandchildren, nieces, nephews and those great and great-great that came after just were not enough to want her to continue on. You couldn’t really blame her though. Over the past a lot of holidays have been missed, Christmas, Easter any public holiday where all the family would get together and spend time together. My kids have missed those moments due to my work commitments. Work just one year in hospitality, retail or Healthcare and you will know the loneliness and isolation from a family that do not understand these industries.

How small I make people

My goal was to leave the company I work for before Christmas last year, but the year went too quick, and on days when I had off one of my kids would be sick. Landed me in a sit down with the production manager about time off situation too. I tried to get a few days together to make as a long weekend, with the rules of the company allowing no one on the floor to get time off over these periods, but they don’t apply to the bosses. It does make it hard when you are working over these periods and it is harder when you hear of those in America suffering the same fate but with no pay in sight. Our society is ruined.

My girl enjoying cuddles a few years back

My eyes, red and heavy, my energy drained from chasing my son around, if only he could transfer some energy to me. The heat was bound to continue, my wife had finally awoken with just enough time to welcome in the midday sun. My head pounding from a screaming headache, as I ritually put my body through dehydration, I believe coffee was due. My phone rang, my mother was the caller. My answer sharp, “Yeah!” a tone that could match my throbbing head.

Saying goodbye to My great Uncle

The voice on the other side quavered, as she spoke the words “Aunt passed fifteen minutes ago.” the few words after that I spoke beside “Sorry mum, I love you.” have drifted off. I hung up the phone and looked at my wife, she didn’t need to hear, the pain was visible. Her mum had yet arrived, and I sunk back into myself. The last of that generation had fallen, with that only memories remain. The tears that have been shed over the years, for a family of misfits, alcoholics, and genuine hearts of gold. From each, a lesson learned.

Upon returning to work two days later as it was my weekend, I told them about the funeral and the time I needed to attend it. What started there was a refusal from the boss, anger flooded my emotional state. I had to remain calm even though I still hadn’t broken down, staying strong in front of my family was the first priority. I was refused because “I knew someone else had booked holidays” at the time the funeral was on. I went anyway. Upon returning I was given the cold shoulder, a typical notion from this family run business.

In the end, I got to say goodbye to a woman I loved so much. I battled a job that felt they should be given priority while paying me way under what I am worth, and I dealt with a wife that was suffering from a bad reaction to a spider bite. You would think my start to the year was finished with its drama, but no. This holiday I have had has helped me to breathe and control my emotions but this nearly set fire to someone.
That is yet to come.

Till next time, Keep smiling

The Stubborn Australian

And now a word from my son
n ghg55555555555555555555555rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr gggggg ewrfdvxv,c[ p;.}{

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  1. OMG! So sorry for yoyr loss. And your company where you wirk – dusgraceful! It is sonhard when you have to keep all your emotions in for the sake of others. It leads to meltdown if you are not careful. Been there, dine it, there now! I hope that your wife is doing better now. Those spiders are peskymlittle devils. Imlooked them up too. Thank God your kids are ok. Donโ€™t know if you have posted next bit yet, being blind I canโ€™t find my way round Bligs very well. Orayers for you all

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      1. Found it. Read it. Commented. Please if I donโ€™t ap could you let me know when the next one goes up? Being blind I miss things! Coffee nearly ready ๐Ÿ˜€

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