Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year

It was the night before Christmas….. Wait wait wait, no one cares for that old fable now do they? Let us tell a new story to celebrate the evening before.

The Parent’s Night Before Christmas

The kids drained the energy from the parents,
For they were anxious to have the man fly in,
The thoughts were on what will lay under the tree, presents,
even though the little shites were smothered in sin.

For it was the night before Christmas a time for kids,
the parents now broke and tired from the season,
can remove now, those toys they had hid,
for tomorrow they won't get the praise, remember Santa is the reason.

The day is nearly here,
A cup of milk and a plate of home-made biscuits lay still,
not what daddy asked, for he wished for a pie and beer,
his wife looked at him, one that could kill.

The young parents were at an end,
he wanted to relax and rest,
the wife had more work orders to send,
the battle raged on, who knew best.

The time to sleep had finally come,
crumbs lay on the floor, no milk in the cup,
Santa had came, snow was found in summer, all was done,
they lay their heads on the pillow, the kids wide awake as the sun,
rose up.

Merry Christmas to all my parent friends!!! Have a friggan great day!!! Have an awesome New years too if I don’t see ya!!!!

The Stubborn Australian

Photo – Mine

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