The Impending Storm

The reddish glow, pushed through the darkened clouds. The warnings echoing through the radio station, “Dust storm due to hit Sydney today, some towns lack visibility beyond a metre in front.” The phone rings a few times before the line is answered, my wife’s boss answers. Moments later I hear the voice I love, “Did you hear the news? Keep inside okay.” A simple notice to prevent any breathing difficulties later on. 

The wind had picked up, a westerly. Bringing a cool breeze to the stale air, the smell of the dust was already in the air as the distant cloud grew ever closer. The last dust storm to really hit Sydney was in 2009 I believe, it felt at the time like a movie set (they say that it was this storm that inspired Blade Runner 2049, whether true or not I am not sure). A suburban city desolate, everything was stained by the bright red dust that had made its way into the city, most dared not leave the buildings they were hidden in. I travelled the streets alone bathing in the glory of a post-apocalypse style moment in reality.

I watched through short moments as the storm reached the factories behind ours, the trees becoming black images within the haze. Excitement was written on my face, as my mind raced with thoughts of getting some great photographs after the storm and work had finished. The wind, strong, carried small branches, leaves and rubbish with it. Little swirls mimicking that of a twister curled through the grounds, as I disappeared back inside again.

The next time I ventured out, the sun was shining. The breeze remained but the cloud of dust had moved on to the north of where I stood. The impending storm had passed over just like many other of life’s great opportunities. It matches that of when Katy Perry and I locked eyes for a brief moment in time, but she didn’t take me away from my wife, no, she continued on with her life leaving the hope that my good looks could lure her to the charms of an Australian life in tatters.

The reports say the dust is here to stay for a few days, but the impending storm in which they claimed could rival that of ‘Red Dawn‘ was nothing more than a let down for those here in Sydney, wanting nothing more than to relive the adventure again albeit the clean up after was to some a nightmare. Or maybe the experts got it wrong and the true storm will hit tonight. Only tomorrow will tell, with darkness descending over the city.

Till next time, Keep smiling

The Stubborn Australian


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    1. A one in a million chance of getting the right shot. I wonder though how these other people tend to do it. It’s a workday the city gets busy yet people get into the right zone I should try coughing more when I ring work lol. My ultimate goal though is to get the big guys. Tornados 😁 I am that kind of crazy haha

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