Rest In Peace

Today we said goodbye,
tears were shed by many, but mine held firm,
a desperate search inside to voice my cry,
my heart was breaking, my look stern.

Today we let you go,
lowing down your white casket,
the voice inside screaming “NO!”
as flowers were plucked from the basket.

Today we seen you in peace,
the pain from cancer no longer holding on,
your spirit flying away from your bodies lease,
headed towards the heavingly kingdom.

Today we watched your past,
photographs shown against a screen,
we all thought forever you’d last,
a vision we never saw coming this final curtain scene.

Today we told you we loved you,
you were more than a neighbour, your were our family,
everyone there could see this was true,
our paths crossing was meant to be.

Today your grandkids reached out a hand,
showing the same love to us that you have before,
we are still part of your life, your love still stands,
treading into the life without you, but now have more.

Today I appreciate you Joan,
a friend, a helper, an angel in disquise,
someone who held a welcoming home,
someone who experienced our lows and highs.

Tomorrow I will remember,
Next year I will remember,
Forever I will remember,
The love you gave,
The kindness you brang,
The light you shone,
The person you were.



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