Gloomy Days

You could see she was lonely,
no one wanted to spend time with her,
it wasn’t that she was nasty, at times,
but her breath could chill the warmest of hearts.

It wouldn’t be hard to notice she was sad,
her look had a sullen grey tone to it,
her mood tended to change from light to dark,
and at times you could see her tears splash upon the pavement.

She didn’t want to be like this,
people wouldn’t stay with her and play,
they couldn’t see her heart breaking,
but the sound was clear to those who watched.

You could see when she was angry,
her tears would hit the ground like ice stones,
she would drive you inside,
since you didn’t really want to play.

I have watched her from a distance,
and thought of ways to soothe her heart,
I step outside to talk to her but it seems to fail,
her breath so icy she wants us all to know.

So the next time you see her,
don’t tell her to leave, her heart is pure love is what she needs,
so the next time you look up and see her, an elegant sky of grey,
tell her you love her, and want to play under her tears.

12 thoughts on “Gloomy Days

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    1. Haha can you now 😁 till i get my normal hours back I have been so distant from writing inside it is killing me and turning me into Eminem.
      Good to see you though will have to get on your page and do some catch up reading tomorrow 😀


    1. Not so much the midnight oil but extra days and hours while training a new person and then spending the little time I do have either cooking to help out the wife or time with the kids. I went to write on sunday arvo but was too tired to think straight lol.


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