O Death – Poetry

O Death, I can feel you close to me,
I know you are near,
I can feel the hairs on my neck stand
if only I had a deeper vision you would be who I see.

O Death, why do you whisper sweet nothings into my ear,
a lure just like those of a siren calling those old sailors,
the touch of your breath haunting my soul,
leading me deeper and deeper into the pit of despair.

O Death, you must stop touching my arm,
the brush of your bones against the warmth of my skin,
creates a chill that creates an orgasmic effect throughout my body,
a kind of torture when you don’t mean good but harm.

O Death, why is it that you force me to believe?
you linger around not letting me go,
do you want me to come with you?
will that make you leave?

O Death, I am lost in this world of pain,
do you cause all of it?
Or do you sit and watch?
Like a person looking out the window of a moving train.

O Death, do you think that I can escape your grip?
Am I quicker than a swing of your scythe?
Do I have what it takes to become immortal?
Or will you catch me and slice me in strips?

0 Death, can we just be friends?
we can work out a plan where I can run free,
O Death I can feel you closer now,
I can see you standing there, is this really the end?


Till next time, Keep smiling

The Stubborn Australian

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