Bad Desire – Poetry

Hey guys, hope you have all been well and creating good content. Work has gotten me falling asleep a lot. I have been getting home and passing out on the couch, working six days have been fun!!! On the upside I have gotten rid of 1 debt so that is a great thing.

I have been listening to Bruce Springsteen ‘I’m on Fire’ a lot lately so that has gotten me thinking of this little poem. Enjoy

Till next time, Keep smiling

The Stubborn Australian

*               *                *

As I lie there in bed,
my thoughts racing through my head,
I try to push and change all these images in my brain,
as the blood pulses through my veins.

I cannot sleep, I toss and turn,
how can I? when it is you, my desire burns,
I look over at my wife laying ever still,
while my heart races with every image a new thrill.

It isn’t her that is causing my mind to control,
it is you that have taken my soul,
and as my heart bleeds for your love,
I find myself pleading with the Man above.

Take this feeling away from me, the endless burn of fire,
remove this moment, this drive, this bad desire,
how can I live within this realm of temptation,
not when it overrides me like a roller-coaster ride sensation.

You won’t know the way I feel,
the pain I face when I see you, it is real,
For you are with someone else just like I,
this longing for you, I can’t understand why.

I toss and I turn, causing the sheets to fall,
my son makes a noise, my wife takes the call,
I close my eyes so she doesn’t know,
the battle inside that I wish would go.

I fight and fight,
trying to wipe away the thoughts, to make it right,
once you are taken these images shouldn’t come,
well that was what I was taught, what is done is done.

The time slowly seeps on, eventually, I fall tired,
the images begin to fade, this dream my mind has sired,
the walls of my eyes close me in,
as the darkness takes over, tomorrow, again it will begin.

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