Dot’s Surprise – Poem

He wanted to surprise his love,
grabbing roses and her favourite take-out,
not forgetting the box of doves,
he was almost certain this would get him an enjoyable bout.

She was to be at work, and he planned to be early,
with a spring in his step he couldn’t help but smile,
for he was thinking of his girly,
he was close to home, his hair he needed to style.

He put the keys in the lock,
and turned the knob,
there it was in front of him a big black …….
and she was giving it a blow job.

Now you would think he would run,
the man’s heart now shattered upon the floor,
he didn’t even reach for the gun,
to splatter his brains and more.

he left the flowers and food for them,
congratulating her on a skill he’d never seen,
he turned and walked, as she yelled “ben”
“it isn’t what it seems.”

With that, he laughed, how could he not,
his life was falling apart around him,
first his job, now his girlfriend named Dot,
losing her to a dildo strapped to a mannequin.


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