Doctor, Doctor Give Me The News.

When you find a good doctor, you are going to be willing to wait for them. Stepping in to the surgery I am told there is three patients in front of me, so I take a seat and whip out my new copy of Empire magazine. Just over an hour passes and I am called in, “You know Doc I could have died out there.” I was being serious, but apparently all that I got as a response was a No. Here I am here to see her for my weekly checkup on my blood pressure, seeing as I refuse medication to lower it down, and she doesn’t think that I could have had a heart attack whilst waiting. I was starting to question her doctorate right there.

Handing over the envelope that I was holding, inside were the results I had from a recent scan. The week before I mentioned to the doctor about some pain I was experiencing, we both had ideas to what it was, but only her idea was printed on the form to be looked at. With a smug look on my face I gracefully told her that she was wrong, whilst saying that I am more of a doctor than my doctor, but unfortunately I had no evidence to support my win.

Finding a good doctor can be hard, I have seen some pretty bad doctors out there and have had a few good doctors in between. But like always they always seem to be moved around. My experiences may be like yours or maybe you have been lucky, but when you see one and you present yourself with a head cold and all you would like is a medical certificate for work. The last thing you would want is a doctor who then decides to consult his books and the internet to find out what you have, and keep you in the room for twenty minutes or more to tell you that you had a head cold and needed a few days off work. I walked out of that surgery wondering how he had passed high school let alone a degree from university. Surprisingly he didn’t last long at the surgery.

My kids need a good doctor, it comes as no surprise there. Thankfully we as parents know our kids and their ongoing issues, when our doctor isn’t in and we have to choose another as a last resort, it is like rolling the dice, telling them about our daughters history and what we need to get to help her get better, we cross our fingers and hope that they were listening when they responded with their nods and “uh huhs”. It doesn’t always work.

My relationship with my daughter is as good as two good mates getting together and having a beer and a laugh, I can be myself around her and she knows that I respect her and listen to her, well to a certain point, but she knows that and she has done her job. So there I am and she is telling me that my blood pressure has dropped a little but it is still in the danger zone, I told her that her machine is broken and that I am fine. She then looks at me and drops the news. The government is sending her either to do after hours care or to a rural area for at least six months. The joking has stopped and I can see she is sad and hurt to be leaving, my heart dropped not that she would have known I didn’t want to go through the whole looking for a new doctor again.

So to all of you that, like me, are always in the doctors office hold on to your doctor and never let go!! If she is able to return all I can do is sing Doctor, Doctor give me the news I have a bad case of loving your work.

Till next time keep smiling

The Stubborn Australian


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