How To Handle Criticism

Even though it would be great for publishers or reviewers to write the way we would love for them too, the truth is they will write the way they are trained, or how the emotionally react. So how can we handle the responses that sometimes leave us ready to use our main characters to slaughter those who attack our work? Here are five points that can help us tame the beast within.


Disgraced Nation

Post upon post, I scrolled, hoping to find something of interest. Then I happened upon one post a video. Lately, well I lie. Since Donald Trump ran for the presidency, people have used social media to attack and make slanderous comments about the POTUS.

Ben’s Revenge

She couldn't understand, he left and never returned her calls, it wasn't like she was having one night stands, or taking off with other men, it wasn't her at all.

Friday Funday Challenge – Game On – You Name It!

I was tagged by the amazing Laura Beth!!! Her blog site is Hot Shot Headlines go check it out 😀 She was tagged by the suspicious character behind A guy called bloke; Rory. I am wary of his smooth tactics in sneaking out information from people, but otherwise he is a decent chap and shares some good content on his page including some of mine.

Duncan Heights – Chapter Three

Good evening/morning everyone, hope your day has been good or will be. The past two weeks I have put online my new series Duncan Heights, it is the first time I had shared my writing, besides my quick short story I did earlier on this year (it was rushed and done in one go) you can find it in the short story section of my blog. That also reminds me I need to update my blog. I would like to thank all who have read the first two chapters I appreciate it. My goal in this novella (21 chapters) is to better my writing skills, to learn through your engagement and to hopefully, inspire others to write as well.

A Nice Night – Poem

Drenched from head to toes, he pulled free from the running water, the taps he turned ever so, feeling the drips on his arms as if they were lambs to the slaughter.

What Not To Do When Reviewing

Everyone is a critic, smashing out reviews left right and centre. Is there a problem with this? Not all the time. In fact, there are plenty of critiques that are what the author, creator or artist need to continue improving upon themselves. Whether or not the review is negative or positive, we are able to learn. Sure we have seen those who refuse to comment on something they had read because they feel that it didn't make their three-star guidelines. But even if you didn't enjoy the work produced, would a little tip cause you to go astray?

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