The Escape Pt 2.

The car started without a glitch, I now was waiting for the wife to reverse out of the driveway. The view, hidden behind a smoke haze. Structures faintly line the path, as we wave our goodbyes. Sadness usually is an emotion-related to saying goodbye to those left behind but today, it was fear, worry and... Continue Reading →

The Escape Pt.1

You hear the stories of those who were trapped in scary situations, plane, car, train crashes where some died and others didn't, you read about those who have been in the direct line of hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis and even disastrous fires. But most of the time we don’t usually end up in them, well we hope we don’t.

Death Of A Soul

The death of a soul, oh how did you die? Were you tormented with all the industrious lies? Oh Lord, did they fill your mind with them? Did their ideals rot you to your stem? The death of a soul, oh why did you leave me sad? Your death has turned my rosie view and... Continue Reading →

Gone Too Far……

We are all capable of stepping to far, maybe it was accidental, maybe you just couldn't stop in that arguement. Words said that can not be taken back. A person starts talking to your missus, and you go in for a punch. A friendship where you want to move it into a relationship, but you are just not her type. So you lay down the errors of her ways. But sometimes you don't know that you did so until something else triggers the results of your unknown actions.

'Twas the weeks before Christmas and all through the house, everyone is loud, running around and jumping on the couch, but don't forget that this is the time of joy, not some kids game of seek and destroy. You see it is weeks before Christmas and your bank account is low, your energy is fading... Continue Reading →

The Saboteur

The product has been running smoothly, I am watching from a distance but, I am not in charge. The product has been going well, in colour and size, it is just bread you may say. But you probably have never worked with ovens or machinery and then added food to the mix. It can be unpredictable at times. I watch from my seat, the CEO walks into the room. He walks straight past the one running the machine over to the control board and changes a few settings, he then walks to the oven controller and changes the temperature. He watches for a few seconds, with a nod to only himself he exits the room. The bread then does what we say will happen, 'it turns to shit.' It always aggrevates me when he comes into the room and plays with the weight, the speeds or the temperature of the oven and what is worse is when he stops everything and says to wait ten minutes before restarting which at that point the dough, is over-proofed and is a nightmare to save.

Our Sunburnt Country

Our land is being ravaged by a mass of fires, started by teenagers and others with no regard for the safety or property of others around them. It is a devasting scene, with smoke travelling long distances to those in safer areas. People have been killed, injured and are suffering from poor oxygen. But worse than that, the local fauna are struggling, the fires have destroyed many of their homes not just ours. Koalas are being seen holding on to local street signs instead of their usual gum trees. Kangaroos are racing through the state forests to avoid a certain death, meanwhile the death and injuries of these animals and those others not so lucky to escape keep piling up.

The Deadly Rainfall

My wife, clearly wants me to die, she came to me the other night I wont lie, a sense of hysteria on her voice, kill these spiders she'd beg, the hero in me took off ready to fight that is until I saw the webs.

The Blood Drive

There I was just the other day, busting to go one would say, the tiny room enough for one, I was only in for a quick time, not for fun. I tell you this, I'll say it true, I wasn't in this lavatory for a poo, it isn't a hard job for a man, all... Continue Reading →

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