The Lost Memories

Memories seem to come, sometimes unwillingly, but, many seem to go just the same. Over the years fragments of forgotten moments have filtered through in front of my eyes. Moments that make me smile, brief seconds of emotions that flush my system, like that of a wave wiping clean the remains of a child's sandcastle.


Accrescent of the Creative Mind

I have a memory, one that I tried so hard to forget. One that has had myself embarrassed to even be associated with, that is until now. The evidence of this memory was not able to be erased, it doesn't just exist in my mind but from the angle of my father's view from behind the old film camera he was holding at the time.

The Impending Storm

The reddish glow pushed through the darkened clouds. The warnings echoing through the radio station, "Dust storm due to hit Sydney today, some towns lack visibility beyond a metre in front."

Acquaintance Murderer

The laughter ripped through the silence of the morning, another day was beginning for myself, but had already begun for the men in front of me. I joined in with the friendly banter, more cheer filled the crisp morning air.

Rest In Peace

Today we said goodbye,
tears were shed by many, but mine held firm,
a desperate search inside to voice my cry,
my heart was breaking, my look stern.

The Comment

Let me say this right now, you can't start with implying someone is a cunt,
then try to gain your mansion in heaven by trying to save someone stunt,
please save your preaching to those who are ill-informed, or maybe a demonic host,
you say you don't know my belief yet you feel you could tell me how I feel from one post?

I am still here

These past few months I have been going through some transformations. Mentally, physically and emotionally. In turn, it has taken its toll on my writing, my freedom and other parts of my life.


There is death inside of me,
a cruel stench that overwhelms,
there is no escape from the darkness I see,
no way to guide this ship by its helm.

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